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Scrum Product Owner training and preparation for certification

Online training for software team product owners

Improve productivity, gain better quality and streamline product management and delivery with Scrum. This training helps you to master product development processes, gain understanding of core Scrum principles or prepare yourself for a Scrum Product Owner certification. From a prep-course coaching to a two-day workshop, choose the training length and level that suits best for you.

Trainer Kristian Tanninen

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I’m a senior project manager, software architect and entrepreneur with 20 years of work experience in software business. My customers include global companies such as General Electric, KPMG and Comptel. I work mostly in Finland, Switzerland and Austria, but I provide also online training across the world. Read more about my experience and customer references, or contact directly.

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  • Get basic introduction to Scrum and it’s core principles
  • Understand Product Onwer’s role, responsibilities and activities
  • Improve your product planning and customer delivery processes
650  total cost per person
Price includes all expenses. VAT is added for Finnish customers or EU customers without a VAT code.

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